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and get the LOWEST PRICES from SEA to SEA!

T Shirt Club Members get the lowest prices on t shirts in the world! Every member is a VIP, no exceptions. By becoming a member of this exclusive club you will be able to buy t shirts for the whole family at an extraordinary price. Not just some humdrum below retail savings like you see everywhere, no! We mean for even less than those big shot retailler pay. Yup, you will be a become a member of one of the most elite clubs in the world "The T Shirt Club!"

Of course alont with this exclusitivity comes "pride and the code." Just like the old days when pirates swarmed the seven seas, we too have our own code. This is a special code that every member must up hold. Why do we have this special code?

Well, it's not because we sell stolen merchandise LOL

It's because our artist hold their designs sacred and so should our members. You see, every design, every t shirt, every tank top is specially designed for our members and can not be found anywhere else on Earth, the internet or any other planet for that matter.

In plain English, it's "not Coll" to steal designs, steal ideas or steal anything off this website.

And this is part of the code. Any member caught abusing the Club rules can be terminated as members indefinately. Perhaps this is a good time to read the Club Policies and Etiquette

So now...If you have what it takes to be honest, come join the Club and start getting the lowest prices on Earth!

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